WLS12c and the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse     

  The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse extendsthe IDE to tailor it to the use with WLS. It contains a number of editors and
features which makes the interworking smoothly. We will have a look at the OEPE
and how it plays together with WLS12c on an OSX installation.

WLS ships with ready to use and configured
examples. We will look at one example that demonstrates JavaEE6 features. We
want to use Eclipse not only to analyse the examples, but also demonstrate a
setup as an Eclipse project to go through the full edit – compile –install-
test cycle. This exemplifies the usage of the WLS examples as mini projects,
which can be used in situation where we want to run simple tests or in
prototyping situations.
Read the full article as PDF: WLS12c_and_OEPE.pdf (2,5 MB)