Live-Scripting for OSB Installations

Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is widely used and has a large installation base. Although new projects are currently rare, there are always projects for migration, optimization, and integration of new solutions for which external expertise is required. In the context of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) installation, live-scripting is a powerful approach that combines the execution of command line operations with detailed documentation to create a reliable and well-documented installation process.

In my GitHub project, I present this approach using a simple OSB installation with cluster architecture as an example. The live scripting approach is particularly suitable for situations where, on the one hand, a full automation of the OSB infrastructure is too costly, and on the other hand, a manual installation does not provide sufficiently accurate reproducibility and documentation. Typically, this involves installations with up to ten OSB installations that are set up in multiple environments, e.g. for development, test and production. In this context, I offer the following services.

OSB Installation with Live-Scripting




Free Euro 499,- per Installation From 1200,- Euro per Day
Use my GitHub project to perform an installation yourself and customize it to your individual needs. Use the extensively documented and tested installation path to quickly build a running environment. You can choose my live scripting approach or work with copy & paste and a conventional terminal. I perform an installation on your network that is identical to the GitHub project. You get a fully documented solution that you can use as a basis for further installations or extensions. You need to provide for remote access and a machine for the installation. For productive use of the installation, you need to use their own licenses for the Oracle software. For consulting engagements, you can book me to address individual requirements in your project. Based on my solution on GitHub, I build a dedicated architecture for you, which may include additional features for security and high availability, for example. I am also happy to help with migrations, problem analysis, performance optimizations and maintenance work.
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